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  • Centralised booking system
  • Instant reports
  • More evidence, more photography
  • Interactive reporting
  • Bespoke dilapidation schedules
  • Faster, more accurate & more cost effective
  • Inventories at their very best


Centralise booking system – Allows landlord & agent to book online saving precious time.

Instant reporting – As soon as the clerk has completed the inspection, the report is ready to send/upload to corresponding parties.

More evidence, more photography – This will help reduce disputes dramatically.

Voice to text entry – No typing or admin costs, which will reduce inspection reports charges, win win for landlords.


As a tenant, you will be able to log in to inspekt and view your interactive inspection report.

You’ll be able to go through the report and sign it within the designated 7 day period.

Always notify your landlord or management agent if something needs repair or has become damaged – don’t leave it as the situation could worsen.

The independent inspection report is in place to do two things, protect the property and protect the security deposit. 


Terry Drummond

Founder & Joint CEO

The county Managers role will include creating and being responsible for their own team of clerks within a designated postal area County. Promoting the inspekt brand, increasing inspection levels by generating more landlors and more letting agencies. managing your team of clerks and quiries that come into your area Conty hub. Each County Manager will have regular meetings with their Operations Director who will offer support and

About us

Terry Drummond
Founder & Joint CEO

30 year’s experience in the UK residential rental market at the forefront of innovation in the sector. He is highly regarded by market participants and has been instrumental in all the design phases of the project. He is critical to the project to ensure that the processes designed work to achieve the anticipated efficiencies and competitive advantages envisaged.

Paul Bruton
Co-Founder, Joint CEO

25 year’s experience in business with Relevant Expertise in Finance And Regulation that is necessary to ensure the transactional elements of the processes work effectively. Responsible for strategic Finance, accounting and business development.

Samantha Drummond

Over 23 year’s experience in the UK residential rental & property management market and a specialist in HR and Training. Responsible for the design of the associated training & admin processes that will be vital to ensure the implementation of the standardised procedures of the business.

Paul Martin

Over 10 year’s experience in The UK & UAE Real State Market, will be responsible for ensuring the necessary infrastructure is available for implementation for commercialization across the UK. Paul will oversee and liaise with all County managers across the Country.

Alex Smith
Software Architect

20 year’s of experience on Digital transformation that specialises in the design and development of bespoke software platforms and native applications. Founded and sold two companies to large advertising and software companies. Entrepreneur building and managing successful software, marketing and digital companies around the globe with offices in 6 countries. Responsible for strategic software development, business solution and on-going improvements.

Andrew Strange

30 year’s experience as a founding owner and entrepreneur building and managing successful marketing communications businesses. 20 Years Of delivering digital innovation in marketing communications and business processes for global and challenger brands in multiple verticals. Responsible for strategic direction, positioning, marketing, and digital project delivery.


On the day of check in, an inspekt clerk will prepare a detailed inspection report, including photography of the property. Every item, in every room will be reported and thoroughly checked for its age, its condition, its cleanliness and its operational ability. All utility meters will be logged & photographed (Where accessible), along with all keys, cleaning receipts, appliance manuals and schedule of condition. The report is finalised and uploaded immediately to each of the corresponding parties, Landlord, Tenant and agent if applicable.

Generally carried out quarterly or half yearly, an inspection takes place to ensure the property is being maintained to the correct standard and this provides an opportunity for any faults or issues to be highlighted by the tenant and dealt with by the landlord or agent, if applicable, so the issue doesn’t worsen. Also, any damage caused by the tenant can be logged at an early stage, acting like an early warning system for the landlord.

At the end of the tenancy, every item in the report is rechecked noting any variations. All parties will have access to the interactive report same day, which advises of any dilapidation’s and any liabilities taking into account fair wear & tear. Every dilapidation will be based upon a tried and tested formula, based on the three main parameters – length of tenancy, damage to item in question and age of the item in question! A tenants dilapidation is still a dilapidation whether it was an accident or not, it will still be the tenant’s responsibility! 

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Address of property that
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Professional & efficient
I have been a client for more than 5 years and have found them to be truely professional. By that i mean they are highly trained, perceptive and efficient, being genuinely proud of and dedicated to the job that they do. They can be trusted to deliver reports that are accurate and on time, every time. For a non-resident landlord their service is both reliable and invaluable. Thank you for all your help over the years

Mrs. Cecile Pagan - Landlord, Battersea SW8
Truly Professional Company
I have been a client for a number of years and have found them truly professional. By that I mean they are highly trained, perceptive and efficient, being genuinely proud of and dedicated to the job that they do. They can be trusted to deliver reports that are accurate and on time, every time. For a non-resident Landlord their service is both reliable and invaluable. Thank you for all your help over the years

Mrs Cecile Pagan - Battersea, London SW8
Seamless – First Class
Inspekt are our go to place for inventory services. We have utilised their professional reports for so many years across our portfolio in London. Time in time out, it’s a very detailed report but clear at the same time, which both tenant and landlord are happy with. From the booking stage, accessing the property and sending the detailed report through – first class! Communications are clear and they clearly know what they’re doing as we have utilised other companies before which simply do not compare to them. On occasions, we have had to ask for short notice bookings and they always deliver with no hassle. Big thumbs up!

E Ko and T Lee - London, SW19, SW12, HA1, SE1, KT2, Surrey
Professional, Efficient, helpful and accommodating
I have use Inspekt to provide inventory services (both check in and Check out reports) for over five years now. I have always found them to be the most professional inspection company we have used. Their reports are very easy to read providing clear comparisons as they use excellent format enabling easy like for like comparisons of the property’s status at check in versus at check out together with excellent and corresponding photography. It just makes the whole process much easier. The team are also always very accommodating, helpful and efficient. They respond to emails very efficiently and the communication is excellent. Finally, they have done many weekend check in/check outs for us which has been very helpful to accommodate the tenants needs, Thank you to the whole team!

Mr D - Surrey and London
Amazing energy and accuracy
Having been using your service for several years, we have been able to easily work with your company, the inventory service your company provides is very accurate. Being a landlord of many properties, I have my fair share of tenants moving in and out so I find working with your company to provide inventory services a very good decision as prior to working with you I was completely lost between estate agents and other inventory companies. If anyone is thinking about using your company, I think they should not hesitate, as it is the right decision. I am always amazed at how much time and energy you guys provide in the detailed reports you submit for each property. Thank you for providing a great service at a reasonable price, I can’t imagine using anyone other than Inspekt for our inventories.

Mr RA – London
Accurate, Fair & professional
I have used your inventory services on at least four of my properties over the past three years for both check in and check out inventories. What sets you apart from other providers is the professionalism and attention to detail. What you provide is so much more than a list taking service. Your reports are highly detailed, leaving no room for ambiguity and provide accurate records both qualitatively and through photography. You highlight areas of concern fairly, professionally and without bios to either landlord and tenant. You are also very adept at providing suggested solutions to remedy damage and flaws. Further to this, your costs are very reasonable indeed, and as such I can highly recommend your inventory services. I look forward to working with you again on future properties.

Mr Hill – London SW19
Excellent value and impeccable service
I have used many inventory companies over the past two decades and you guys are by far the most professional, efficient and provide the best reports by far! Your attention to detail supported by accurate and extensive photography is a winning formula. You have always been so accommodating, even at short notice, including weekends and always so friendly to deal with. I will not use any other inventory service as I would not want to put my properties in jeopardy and wide open to unsettled disputes. I can categorically say over the years I have not ever had to go to dispute, purely due to the fact the evidence provided is always overwhelming and accurate. Thank you for such a sterling service, I would recommend Inspekt to anyone.

Mr Pierre SW London

Join the team

Inspekt are looking for forward thinking individuals who want to establish a new challenge by creating new self-employed roles within the inventory inspection arena. We will be looking to locate a minimum of 48 County managers and teams of clerks to cover every county across the Country. Potential County Managers & Clerks already within the property industry will have a head start in joining Inspekt, but it is not essential that candidates for either positions come with experience as full training is provided. Below are some of the characteristics we will be looking for.

  • Are you observant and have a keen eye for detail?
  • Are you methodical, reliable, efficient and well
  • Are you smart, presentable and have great people/social
  • Are you looking for a career where you can generate substantial income? Developed with 100,000 hours
  • Do you want to have control over where and when you